Business in the 21st Century

Course Overview

Your Road Map to Success
Provides owners and managers with a comprehensive array of proven tools, information and advice on how to position their bodyshop business for greater success. Amongst the key areas covered are topics such as, strategic thinking, business strategy, benchmarking, compensation planning, marketing strategy and human resource management.

The course also provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify opportunities for improvement, develop a business plan, set performance targets, track progress and develop a culture of continuous improvement. Participants who bring a benchmark report to the class gain the added benefits of applying course teachings directly to their business.

To provide a comprehensive understanding of how to measure, report and use KPIs to drive process and business performance.

INDUSTRY TRENDS & STRATEGIC THINKING – Gives owners and managers a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities available in today’s industry. Provides proven strategies to overcome resistance to change.

KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR COLLISION REPAIR – Defines the KPIs for collision centres and how to use these important measures to identify opportunities and drive improvement across all aspects of the business.

HOW TO CALCULATE & INTERPRET PERFORMANCE METRICS – Shows how to calculate and use the KPIs, together with the MVP Benchmark Performance Report, to develop business forecasts and performance targets.

BENCHMARKING YOUR BUSINESS FOR SUCCESS – Learn how to use this valuable report to identify opportunities for improvement, build daily, monthly and annual performance targets and plan a path for business and process performance improvement.

UNDERSTANDING THROUGHPUT PERFORMANCE – Reveals the key principles and measures of ‘throughput performance’.

CALCULATING & UNDERSTANDING CYCLE TIME – Learn how to measure, analyse and make the most of cycle time results.

MEASURING CURRENT STATE PERFORMANCE – Details the MVP training programs and services that are available to collision centre owners and managers to help chart a path for continuous improvement.

ESTABLISHING A PRODUCTION SCORE BOARD – Learn which KPIs should be shared with your organisation and how you can use score boarding to drive performance improvement and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

OPTIMISING EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION PLANS – Learn how to build & maximise the efficiency of a staff compensation plan.

SMART ACTION PLANNING PROCESS – Learn the art of smart action planning and apply it to your own business.

Shop Owners, Managers & Key Personnel

2-day class

10 minimum, 20 maximum

I-CAR participants are eligible to receive 3.50 Gold Class points for this course. Automotive Management Institute (AMI) participants are eligible to receive 28 Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credits. Participants will receive a student manual, course handouts, lunch, refreshments, and an MVP certificate of completion.

Any PPG customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course.