Organisational Management

Course Overview

Pulling Together for the Common Goal
The modern collision centre is more complex than ever and, as this complexity increases, organisational structures must evolve to meet performance requirements, while also aiming to attract and retain the best and brightest people. ‘Organisational Management’ examines the heartbeat of the bodyshop from a human perspective and focuses on the ability to maximise quality, speed, and cost through people. Participants will learn how best to analyse and arrange their organisation and human resources to strategically align the talents, skills and abilities of their people. The overall objective is to develop a cohesive team that’s prepared and motivated to achieve the performance goals of the business.

The course takes an in-depth ‘systems approach’ to designing and staffing a bodyshop. Participants will explore the three primary managerial leadership styles and discover how these styles influence traditional or non-traditional approaches to structuring a company. They will also learn how to: (1) Create progressive job descriptions, (2) Recruit and hire for success, (3) Evaluate motivational compensation plans, (4) Manage training and development for staff and (5) Measure and conduct employee performance reviews. Remember, building an effective company requires leading and motivating your team to achieve extraordinary performance.

To help bodyshop owners/managers to structure their organisation and human resources to achieve maximum performance.

Shop Owners, Managers and Key Personnel who are responsible for managing personnel or working in human resources.

2-day class

10 minimum, 24 maximum

I-CAR participants are eligible to receive 3.50 Gold Class points for this course. Automotive Management Institute (AMI) participants are eligible to receive 28 Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credits. Participants will receive a student manual, course hand-outs, lunch, refreshments, and an MVP certificate of completion.

Any PPG customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course.