Art of Execution

Course Overview

When Achieving Mission Critical Goals is not Optional
In order to thrive in today’s competitive environment, as well as respond quickly to changing industry trends, an organisation must be able to effectively execute change initiatives. While most organisations do a good job of identifying what needs to be changed, many have significant difficulty actually implementing these changes. This course provides leaders with a comprehensive understanding of how to identify and establish mission critical goals and initiatives that will successfully drive organisational change.

In addition, participants will explore the practical management principles of Ken Blanchard's Introduction to Situational Leadership II ©. These principles enable leaders to effectively interact with their employees to implement specific goals which will result in positive overall change for an organisation. Because each employee adapts differently to change, it is imperative that leaders understand how to adjust their leadership approach to maximise individual employee performance and productivity.

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To provide bodyshop owners and managers with a proven leadership approach to identify and execute visionary change and mission critical goals while simultaneously leading employees as individuals.

THE ART OF EXECUTION MODEL – Building a foundation for organisational change starts by identifying the core values, vision and mission that become the building blocks for peak performance. By identifying these elements, leaders can create a foundation on which to create real change. In addition, participants will learn how to measure performance and conduct periodic review sessions that motivate team members to achieve organisational goals.

FOUR STYLES OF SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP II © – Participants will take an authorised version of Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II © Assessment which will determine their personal approach to leading people. Identifying their primary leadership style will help them understand how to improve the interaction, communication and management of multiple reports. Participants will learn how to adjust their leadership approach based on the following styles of leadership: (1) Directing  →  (2) Coaching  →  (3) Supporting  →  (4) Delegating

Bodyshop owners, manages and key personnel who are responsible for goal setting and supervisory management.

2-day class

10 minimum, 24 maximum

I-CAR participants are eligible to receive 3.75 Gold Class points for this course. Automotive Management Institute (AMI) participants are eligible to receive 28 Accredited Automotive Manager (AAM) credits. Participants will receive a student manual, course hand-outs, lunch, refreshments, and an MVP certificate of completion.

Any PPG customer is eligible to attend any MVP Business Development Series course.